Executive Chef Tamera Anderson

Sugar & Spyked

LA Chocolate Festival

Chef Name: Tamera Anderson Restaurant/Company: Sugar & Spyked

Q: Is this your first year participating in Indulge LA? If not, how many years have you been participating?

TA: First year

Q: What are you most excited about for this year's Indulge LA Chocolate Festival event?

TA: The variety of pastry chefs that will be in one room

Q: What items will you have available for event guests to partake in?

TA: The menu will have alcohol infused dessert that include, truffle, cakes, cookies, eclair and more.

Q: When it comes to cooking what is your unique touch?

TA: Making sure the unique flavors of a spirit is added just enough to enhance the sweetness.

Q: What can event guests look forward to at your booth?

TA: To not only be taste buds tantalized, visually stimulated but also entertained by our delightful host.

Q: Is there anything that you are looking forward to trying at the event?

TA: The chocolate chicken