Executive Pastry Chef Annette Starbuck Goodie Girls

Indulge LA Q & A

Chef Name: Annette Starbuck Restaurant/Company: Goodie Girls Current Title/Position: Executive Chef/Founder Years Working in Current Position: 5

Q: Is this your first year participating in Indulge LA? If not, how many years have you been participating?

AS: No, I think since the first one!

Q: What are you most excited about for this year’s Indulge LA event?

AS: Chocolate, Desserts, Amazing Chefs, and meeting new People to share our treats with them.

Q: What items will you have available for event guests to partake in?

AS: It’s a secret for the flavors, but yummy cupcakes and cake pops!

Q: When it comes to cooking what is your unique touch?

AS: We use all fresh ingredients. We bake in small batches to ensure a handcrafted taste. We offer a variety of unique flavors and also have not only Buttercream’s, but Swiss Meringue’s as well for frosting choices. We are not only a Cupcake Store who won Cupcake Wars, but we also offer petite cakes, cookies, bars, macarons, espresso and more.

Q: What can guests look forward to at your booth?

AS: Tasting some of the best-handcrafted Cupcakes in town. :)

Q: Is there anything that you are looking forward to trying at the event?

AS: I like to try everything and meet all the other chefs. I love to know what’s out there to refer our clients to other amazing local chefs if they are looking for something we don’t offer.